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Welbeck House Penthouse in Westminster, London.

This was quite an unusual commission. The penthouse had recently been finished by a developer. Our client liked the location and the West End views from the balcony, but didn’t like the minimalist interior with white walls, frameless glass and clinical character. We were asked to give the spaces a warmer tone and more storage.


The living room was double storey, it sat below a domed roof on the corner of Welbeck Street. We lined the domed ceiling with back-lit lapped walnut panels, replaced the glass balustrades with walnut and installed a walnut-lined library around the gallery. The colours were warm in tone and the flooring added to the feel.


The dining and kitchen space received dark fitted furniture, bespoke bronze artwork doors and lighting that washed walls and ceilings, to bring further warmth and tone. The bedrooms received mirrored wardrobes and wrap-around lighting strips. Bespoke dressing tables, cloaks cupboards and bathrooms were created too.


Construction was completed in 2009 and the main contractor was CK Bespoke Refurbishments.

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