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Refurbishment & Loft Conversion in Acton, London.

Before we started, this house felt very heavy. It had a large foot print and it felt very dense. The building had been carved up into a family home and a granny flat, with rooms within rooms and a warren of corridors.


We were asked to bring light back into the building, to let the spaces flow and to make the house feel generous again. We removed the warren of corridors, went back to the original structure and reinstated the original rooms. We created large openings, large feature sliding doors and timber floors that flowed through. Bespoke simple glazing to the rear brought the garden room in and a top-lit dramatic loft conversion conversion flooded the centre of the house with light. By stripping the building back and making careful changes throughout, we have brought light and delight throughout the building.


The most memorable moment of this project for me was in taking the brief. I asked if the master en suite should have two basins. Instead, I was asked to include a single basin and a seat. I was told the bathroom was a place to chat, and an argument could be won when the other were brushing their teeth. I was told it had been like that from the early days, so a seat would be a welcome addition. So, we included a single basin and a bench that ran from the bedroom to the bathroom. It was elegant, but more importantly it’s details such as this that makes a house a home, somewhere that it truly yours. It was a privilege to be in that moment and reminds me of the importance of asking the right questions and properly listening to the answers.


Construction was completed in 2016.

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