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Alma Square Townhouse in St John's Wood, London.

This house used to be The Heroes of Alma, the closest pub to Abbey Road studiosand a popular haunt with the Beatles, Queen and Pink Floyd. When the Beatles were recording there during the Sixties, the Heroes of Alma was where they would beat a retreat for a restorative pint or two.It has been a house for many years, but it still attracts camera-wielding tourists on the Beatles' trail.


Our brief was to refurbish the house from top to bottom, to sort out the damp and the rot and modernise it throughout to create a high quality home with five bedrooms and six bathrooms. Whilst the building was no longer a pub, it was still to be a party house, with a club-like feel in the basement and a bar on the first floor. The ground floor was given over to the kitchen and dining spaces, and the garage was modified to take a low-slung super-car.


During the refurbishment work all the floors were removed as the central structure was misaligned between floors. The floors themselves were all sagging and eventually would collapse. The building was braced, the floors were removed individually and a steel structure was installed to support floors and hold the facades in place for the long term. The refurbishment included high quality finishes and bespoke furniture throughout.


Construction was completed in 2008 and the main contractor was SIL Limited.

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