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Reeves House in Clapham, London.

At the time of purchased, Steve & Karen’s new home didn’t work well. The ground floor was all but cut off from the rest of house, the spaces badly flowed and the garden was hard to access. We were asked to open the house up, modernise it, improve the relationship between the house and the garden and to create a family living zone over the bottom two floors that brought the family together, even when they were in different rooms or on different floors.


We created openings in walls, removed sections of floor, created a balcony, a mezzanine and a window in the floor. We re-orientated and redesigned the staircase and opened the house up to the garden. The garden has become another room to be used rather than something beyond the house and the building is now filled with light and elegant detail.


Construction was completed in 2009 and the main contractor was Guildcrest Construction.

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