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Tedworth Square Penthouse in Chelsea, London.

This penthouse apartment on the corner of Tedworth Square was split-level in layout. It had a butterfly roof over the lower floor that was leaking. The roof needed replacing and the flat was tired. This was an opportunity to remove the roof, create a roof terrace and refurbish the apartment throughout.


The planners at The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC) would only permit a roof terrace if everything was hidden behind the parapet. This was no issue for the terrace itself, but squeezing the roof over stairs and the landing areas in was a different matter. Engineering gymnastics and a highly tuned roof construction were brought to bear to enable the stair enclosure to fit.


The apartment received high quality finishes throughout, programmable lighting and hand-built furniture. The mansion block facades were refurbished through the works too, with stone parapets rebuilt, crumbling red brickwork reformed and rebuilt, pointing replaced and chimneys reformed where required. This was quite an exercise in heritage conservation.


Construction was completed in 2016 and the main contractor was F.A. Lane & Son Construction Limited.

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