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Dulwich Estate Extension, London.

This project for a young family sought to create much needed space with a new playroom and a utility space connected directly to the side of this existing end-of-terrace house. The budget was tight, so we sought to keep things simple and minimise the number of trades needed for the build.


We were asked to keep a strong connection with the garden, to match the original house, and utilised inexpensive sliding glass doors to achieve this. We used unpatinated copper for the external walls and the roof to ensure one trade could do all of the outside skin. The application process with The Dulwich Estate was smooth. Having consulted the Dulwich Estate in advance of the application, they were supportive of the design and the collaborative approach. The extension was simply and robustly finished and the copper should age with a green patina slowly transforming the building over time.


Construction was completed in 2005 and the main contractor was IRS.

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