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Hampstead Townhouse, London.

Before we started, the house was in a poor state with a poorly laid out interior was and tiny rear garden. We were asked to open the house up, restore the period detail, modernise and do something about the tiny garden. The brief was to transform the house into an open, modern family home, where the spaces flowed into each other on the ground floor and for the garden to function as another useable room.


We removed a small poorly constructed extension from the back of the building, to immediately increase the size of the garden. The ground floor was opened up to full width of the garden using an exposed steel beam and post to take the load. This allowed glass to run the full width and for the side-return to become a top-lit dining space with a glass roof. Floor finishes were chosen to visually pull the inside-out and the outside-in. The kitchen runs through the glass to make an inside-outside kitchen.


The first floor was given over to the master suite, with a walk-through dressing room and a generous open-plan shower space to the rear. The second and third floors accommodated three further bedrooms and two bathrooms.


Construction was completed in 2008 and the main contractor was James Goody.

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